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CONNECT University: Digital for our Planet

Running from Monday 21 June until Friday 2 July, CONNECT University Summer School 2021 | Digital for our Planet is a two-week online summer school that:

…aims to share knowledge and information about the way climate change is interconnected with digital transformation.

It’s 100% free of charge and the sessions will be available to watch after the fact should you not be able to attend them live. This promises to offer some fascinating insights into how we can address climate change through digital solutions, how artificial intelligence and high-performance computing can be applied to address these challenges, but also how these technologies themselves will need to become more sustainable and efficient.

It will include a number of really interesting sessions, namely the following:

  • A European perspective on the role of digital in accelerating the transition to a green economy
  • Green Deal and data strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence for the Earth
  • High-performance computing and digital twins for climate action
  • Energy consumption of data centres
  • Minimising eWaste: Circular electronics
  • Assessing the net climate impact of digitalisation
  • The way IoT helps to reach the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Quantifying the contribution of 5G to sustainability
  • Tackling climate change with blockchain
  • Digital for circular economy and zero pollution
  • E-mobility for sustainability and competitiveness
  • Handling climate disinformation
  • Engaging citizens in green digital and fair transition
  • EU Copernicus programme: acting on climate change
  • Digital solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation of cities and communities
  • Our planet, our future: children and teenagers fighting the crisis
  • The state of the climate and why we should act now

Here’s a short video on what to expect:

The course facilitators, CONNECT University, will be offering diplomas to attendees should more than seven sessions be followed.

The University, established in 2015, is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General on Communication Networks, Content and Technologies (DG CONNECT). Its aims are to:

  • Inform the society about the top emerging technology trends, while ensuring that the ongoing digital revolution retains a human element (moving from Digital-as-a-service to Digital-as-society);
  • Present and promote cutting-edge technologies that are placed high on the political agenda, together with EU projects, with the scope to foster inspiration, identify current opportunities and threats;
  • Ensure that digital become a systematic component of any policy, legislation or communication emerging from the Commission.

Keen to attend? Click here for more information or here to head straight to registration. I for one sure plan to attend!

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