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Keeping up with climate tech news

Let’s try something a little new here: instead of a ‘help you learn’ post on where you can keep up with the latest news in climate tech, this is more of a request from me to you.

The goal? To compile a nicely curated list of great information sources for a later article (And, obviously, also for me to learn about additional interesting sources of climate tech news).

You see, while I’ve definitely come across a multitude of news sources for what’s happening in climate tech, I’m really keen to hear from you, the reader, where YOU get your climate tech news (other than, of course ?).

From what I’ve seen on Twitter, climate tech appears to be growing exponentially at the moment from a business and industry perspective. Every day tweets are posted about new funding being granted by VCs to a great assortment of startups in the climate space.

Perhaps I’ve simply started following the right people on the platform. But, going by their content and linked articles, that’s not necessarily it.

Now, for the first time in years (from what I can gather), it seems that climate technology startups are taking their rightful place on venture capital funds’ radar, being seen by teams looking to invest their capital by providing funding,

This can only be a good thing! Given the current climate crisis within which we find ourselves to be, funding tech startup companies working in, and on, climate will hopefully go a long way to coming up with efficient and modern solutions to anthropogenic climate change.

So, on that note, let me know where you get your climate tech news stories. Which are the main sites and who are the main players in the game?

I look forward to reading ALL of them! And, I may also be tempted to add a curated list of good sources for climate technology information, news and reviews right here on Coding Climate.

The more each and every one of us can learn about what’s currently going on in the climate tech space, the better. Not only to better understand potential solutions out there but also as a way to learn which gaps are currently in the market.

Looking to build a little side project that makes a big difference to climate? In that case, learning about who’s doing what right now is a really good place to start!

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