You are currently viewing On Deck’s Climate Tech Fellowship – 5 days left to apply…

On Deck’s Climate Tech Fellowship – 5 days left to apply…

If you’re not aware, On Deck, a curated community of people in the technology industry, has a climate tech fellowship. Its description, according to their site, is as follows:

The Climate Tech Fellowship is a 10-week program for startup and climate experts looking to found, join, invest in, and advise climate tech companies. It is a space for fellows with deep and diverse subject matter expertise to exchange ideas, accelerate each other’s careers, and build impactful climate tech startups.

The catch? Applications for this second cohort close in a mere 5 days from the date of this post, i.e. on 20 June 2021.

The fully remote programme kicks off on 10 July. (Yes, I spell it as ‘programme’ – I use UK English, but stick with ‘program’ when pasting direct quotes as On Deck is US-based. Grammarly hates me! ?)

Keen to know who’s involved? Well, they invite:

…founders, investors and climate experts to share their insights on trends and opportunities in climate tech.

The programme is broken down as follows:

Navigating the Climate Tech Fellowship

Navigating Climate Tech
Understanding the climate tech ecosystem
The future of climate tech
Direction setting

Sector-specific Programming
Climate deep dives

Entrepreneurial Programming
Climate Business Model creation
Policy, Regulation, and Legal

Build Sprint

It even includes Mastermind Groups and access to a curated library with, in their words:

…copious literature on climate tech.

If you’re keen, here’s the financial side to note: Access costs $2,490 (or four installments of $625). However, after acceptance, they do award need-based scholarships through their On Deck Access Fund.

Sound good? Then read more here (there is a full FAQ section on the page to answer any queries you may have) and click Apply.

Good luck!

For more detail on the On Deck Fellowships in general, check out this detailed article by Pujaa Rajan: The On Deck Fellowship: What is it and why you should apply?

Snapshot on On Deck's home page

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